The Global Entry Application is a private entity run by a team of professionals who have years of experience in filing government forms with CBP. We charge a fee for our services on top of the standard government application fee.

 Global Entry application processing fee   $139.99   One off payment via PayPal
 Government background and security check fee   $100   5 year membership

The Global Entry Application specializes in the checking, processing and monitoring of Global Entry card applications. Our dedicated staff is well-informed of all the latest updates in government policies, well-trained in all aspects of the application process, and are able to trouble-shoot any glitches in your application. The service fee is for application review, checks and processing. It also includes the following:

  • Thorough review and error check;
  • Application submission prior to submission to CBP;
  • Advice regarding any additional documentation needed to make a successful application;
  • Advice on any additional steps you need to take;
  • Interview support;
  • Tracking of your log-in information for future referrals;
  • Dealing with the government on your behalf as much as possible;
  • Troubleshooting all questions with most questions answered within one business day;