Global Entry Application (GBA) secure and thorough checking service is simple and easy to follow:

  1. Complete the application form;
  2. Securely pay through Paypal;
  3. GBA create your* registration and will notify you of your login details;
  4. Attend your compulsory appointment;
  5. Receive your Global Entry Card in the mail;

* is a secure database set up by the US government to protect your personal data. We will create a temporary registration for you and send you details of how to secure your data. Registration with is compulsory for all applicants wishing to join a Trusted Traveler program

The Global Entry application process takes 6-8 weeks to reach the ‘Conditional Approval’ stage. At this point you must schedule and attend an interview with the United States Customs and Border Protection service – interview availability varies from state to state. After your interview it takes around 1 to 10 days for your Global Entry membership confirmation.


All applicants regardless of age must submit an application.

Inaccurate or incomplete application forms are automatically denied access to the Global Entry program!